Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hi, I'm 25!

Yikes! My bday passed just recently and now I am 25 years old! I feel good about it! Not to mention it was the best birthday EVER! So many great friends came out and celebrated with me. :) I most definitely felt LOVED!!! We had a great time at the Koji Sake Lounge in downtown San Jose! Wanted to order the Hapa dog but I got a little too tipsy. :-/

Also, I got the PRETTIEST bag ever! My boo got me a Rebecca Minkoff bag and took me to a DELICIOUS dinner in SF. Could not have asked for more! Ok, enough gab! On to the pics! 

I was pretty buzzed... The last picture was actually the first one of the night. My dad was working the Enrique Iglesias concert and we were able to snag awesome tickets! Woooo~
Cheers to my new love! The Morning After Bag mini! Totally in love with this sexy bag! It's perfect... <3


Sophia Chang said...

Happy birthday lady and glad to have you back! 25?!? Youngin'!!!

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