Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Getting sexy with Bestie

Got some pics back from a recent shoot. Sorry I haven't been posting but there has been nothing exciting in my life lately. LOL! Just lots of shopping cuz I have a problem... Keep me away from the mall!!!!
 Bestie did such a good job on her first shoot!! She looks amazing! We had a blast that day too!
 I have a lot more but this is just a sneak peak! I'll throw more on here later! I am off to bed! I had a long day of shopping. LOL!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

I like you. Do you like me?

Haha. It has been quite busy for me the past few days. Last night I went to the Jill Scott and Maxwell concert that my dad worked. Backstage VIP, biatch! LOL! Right after that concert, The JAPAS had a show. So we performed. We didn't get home until five in the morning!! I woke up today and had to go to the E-40 and Bone Thugs concert. Backstage VIP again. HOLLA. 

So now here I am... exhausted... yet still I am blogging. Hmmmm... 

Picture time!

These are with the bestie at the Maxwell concert. We took the BART and walked 8 miles but it was worth it. We rewarded ourselves with tequila. I love my bestie!!!!
Ok, this pic was from today at the Springfest! Nicole is so cute!! Even though I was partially dead, I still had a fun time! I really need sleep now. Just wanted everyone to know that I am still alive.