Thursday, October 27, 2011

We Be Clubbin!

Hi everyone!

I was able to go out and hit DA CLUB! It's been a long time since I have been out clubbin.. Same ole ish but it was def fun! Just wanted to post up some pics! Peep my Rebecca Minkoff purse in action! Yeeee! 

Had lots of fun celebrating my friend's birthday! Don't know if I will be hitting the club again anytime soon though. :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hi, I'm 25!

Yikes! My bday passed just recently and now I am 25 years old! I feel good about it! Not to mention it was the best birthday EVER! So many great friends came out and celebrated with me. :) I most definitely felt LOVED!!! We had a great time at the Koji Sake Lounge in downtown San Jose! Wanted to order the Hapa dog but I got a little too tipsy. :-/

Also, I got the PRETTIEST bag ever! My boo got me a Rebecca Minkoff bag and took me to a DELICIOUS dinner in SF. Could not have asked for more! Ok, enough gab! On to the pics! 

I was pretty buzzed... The last picture was actually the first one of the night. My dad was working the Enrique Iglesias concert and we were able to snag awesome tickets! Woooo~
Cheers to my new love! The Morning After Bag mini! Totally in love with this sexy bag! It's perfect... <3

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This May Be No Surprise But...

I am ALSO known as Jamie! I'm not too sure how many people follow the RAD show I do called Press Pause but I recently had changed my name back on it. Anyways, just wanted to check in with you guys and link you to my show. :) Still got that exciting news coming up too!

So please subscribe and Carlos and I will keep you up to date on video game news! <3

Also, I got my Halloween costume! I haven't dressed up since I was 21! I dressed as my grandpa... 
Awful and embarrassing but funny to look at nonetheless. Haha! This year will be a much easier on the eyes costume! Any guesses?? :P Also, the boo is dressing up with me! Couples costume! Woooo! What are you guys dressing up as??


Thursday, October 13, 2011


Hi guys!!

I know it has been way too long! I hope you are all doing well! My leave of absence is officially over and I will be sharing some exciting new things with everyone! Anyways, just wanted to say hello! Tell me what has been going on with you guys! I have missed you!

I miss summer already! Talk to you guys soon! Super exciting news coming really soon!!!! Wooo hooooo!!!

Yukie  <3

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I haven't posted in a long time because a lot has changed! Haha! Umm.. I am single now and living the dream. :) Here are some pics of my crazy life. 

Pretty much just having girl time and being crazy! I'm having a lot of fun! :) I will be posting something of substance soon... I hope. Haha! 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Hi everyone!!

Today was a fun day! I recorded Press Pause and brought my friend Amber with me. :P She was our audience member! So much fun! You can see the live stream HERE!

After the show, we had pizza with Carlos. Also talked about upcoming cool things!! This is Amber and me being cool. Our favorite song is G6. It sounds good with my system! Hahaha!
All we do is laugh. I hate her. Haha! It was such a beautiful day up in San Francisco today too! Perfect weather! Makes me excited for summer!! The pizza was pretty greasy though but still delicious! Mmmm! 
I know. I am such a hot mess... or a train wreck in slow motion. :( I think you can see the Giants stadium behind me! It really was a perfect day! I love SF!!! 
This is me being a pig as always and Carlos completely disappointed in me. We did a skit where I was drinking "vodka". It wasn't very funny. Haha! So much fun though! Always!! Haha! Ok and one last pic of my adorable niece and nephew!
Dunno why I didn't post it sooner. Horrible picture of me. My eleven year old niece hella jacked my Kitson sweater.. Time sure flies.. Soon my tadpole will be a frog. :( I want him to stay small forever!!! They don't look Japanese at all!!! Haha! I guess Filipino genes are a lot more dominant! :D

Monday, February 21, 2011

Throw Backs!

Nothing is better in life than finding old HS pics. Haha. I found these priceless pictures! So glad I did!! Sorry, I don't have a scanner at home. I also have no patience. I attempted to clean them up via photo shop so meh...

This one was at my mom's wedding. Stephanie calls it our waiting to exhale pic. Haha. We were all about 17 and completely wasted off champagne. Keeping it classy. Stephanie was one of my BFF and I miss her. :*( Megan on the far right is still a very good friend!! Haven't talked to the girl on the left in a long time. :(
This picture was in my old room! We were probably 17 here too. This time we were jacked up off of malt liquor... Even more classy. Awww, Stephanie!!! Seriously, two peas in a pod! Haha! Nicole to my left! Still good friends with her too!! Julia on the far right... Not so much....
This one is probably the money shot. We were being pulled over by Officer Friendly and I took it as a great photo opportunity. Glad I did! Steph couldn't stop laughing! We were probably drunk off of King Cobra.. Was our drink of choice! Jodi on the right. She is my plankton. Still great friends! Same age too. Haha.

I was such a bad kid. :( We all were. Haha. The moral of the story is I love my beezies! I hope you guys enjoy my hooligan pics! Hahaha!

<3 you Steph!!!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hella Oval!

Hi everyone!!! 

Just wanted to do a quick post! Been so busy lately!!! Our last live stream on, we had homepage! So that one episode alone had over 100,000 views! It was crazy! So many internet gangsters up in there! WTF! Haha!

I don't get it.. I know that internet + anonymity = asshole but come on, people. Grow the f up! Ugh, someone called me fat. Someone else called me a boy. Haha. Kinda threw me off. Was really my first time dealing with the internet thugs. But you know what! Haters are my motivators! That is why my fat ass has been in the gym the past four days! So thank you, you asshole. :) 

Anyways, you can watch the episode here at

I don't really think his hat is dumb.. He told me to pick on the lowest hanging fruit.. I dunno. Haha. Carlos and I have some great things coming up! I hope you guys stick with me! :) It is gonna be awesome!! 2011 is gonna be it! 

Just cuz a post is not the same without a pic... Here is one now. Haha. My violet G & G lenses are in my eyeballs. 
Representin with the water in the back.. Haha.. Yeah. Umm... I dunno. Well, I hope everyone has been well! Did you all have a sweet V- Day?? What did you ladies get???? 


Saturday, February 12, 2011

eBay Haul?

I wish I never started buying off eBay. Now I can't stop. :( Well, everything I purchase is a pretty good deal though...

Benefit POREfessional- $13.75
Tokidoki Smashbox Drammatica & Dolcissima set- $12.99
Benefit High Beam- $13.99
Benefit Ooh La Lift-$7.50
Too Faced Lip Insurance- $12.85

I think I love everything too. Haven't gone too crazy with my stuff yet. :D

OOh, I got my nails did!! Maann I was so sad. I had to wait there for 4 hours!!! WTF?? Oh well, it was sorta worth it? I just love the way she does my nails. I even made an appointment. :( Sigh...
They are more of a bright pink but the camera washed it out. :( This time she put little pearls and shiny things on them. OMG, if I could do all that crazy stuff, I totally would!!! I love the real Japanese nails. 
They are much shorter now too. I can actually function now. Haha. I broke one on a pillow the other night and it hurt so bad!! What a loser... I broke it on a pillow. :( 

Speaking of Japanese things, guess who is going to Tokyo in April??????? Yes, it is me! :) I can not wait!!!! Tokyo is the ish!! All I do out there is eat and cool stuff. Haha. I swear, last time we went to Harajuku and Shibuya to shop almost every day!!! I'm down with that!!! Woot!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Press Pause Episode 80


Check it out! :) Edited version of Press Pause! I hope you enjoy!!

Always such a blast!!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Press Pause on Justin.TV

Well hello all, 

What a weird intro. Haha. 

How is everyone today? :) Well, I hope!! I have a link for you to see the last stream of Press Pause. I was super cracked out on caffeine. It was ridiculous. Always a blast shooting!! 

So excited to see the edit on this one. My cousin was going nuts in the chatroom. Perhaps a family trait? Weirdo genes? 

Edited version from last week is HERE!!

I got my green and brown nudy lenses today!!! I wanna try them! Not yet though. Not yet. 

Oh! I have an absolute favorite lipstick now! Pink Nouveau from MAC! I heart it. Pretty much wear it every day!!! Woot!


It looks a lot more hot pink in real life. :/ Oh well... Haha. We all know I suck at swatches. Woooooooo~

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Is anyone else as obsessed with animal print as I am? Geeze, I love them. Pretty much everything I own is animal print. I have been on the market for a pink leopard print cardigan. Ugh, I neeeeed it!!!!

I received my G&G grey and violet contacts! I effing love them. The G&G brand is so comfy! I wore my blue ones in Tokyo to shoot a video and they didn't bug me at all! They were in my eyeballs for over 12 hours! The Geo Nudy collection is not bad too. Haven't worn them that long though. 

Meh, awful pics.. I will take better ones when my face isn't all shiny. My right eyelashes curl a lot better than my left eye and that makes me sad. :(

Ok I need to get some sleep now! If you guys aren't bust tomorrow at 12 PM PST, check out

I am also completely obsessed with eBay now. How did this happen?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Had a great time filming Press Pause with Carlos! We stream live on! I was so nervous! You guys can catch the live stream HERE!

It gets interesting at about 13:00. I'm kinda awkward... It was my first time so don't judge me!! :D I really do laugh a lot in real life!! Once they start uploading to mevio, I will post links. Woot!

This was the look for today! I love animal prints. >^..^< Kitties are the best!!!!!!! I'm a loser! Byeeeeee!!

Monday, January 31, 2011



Quick post tonight! I will be the new co-host for a show on!!! Last year I did a show reviewing Wii games. LOL! So much fun!!! 

So this new show will be a lot different. I am very excited to try something new!!! :D I will def put the link for the new episode! Woo! Wish me luck, guys!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I Think I'm Turning Japanese.

I got my Japanese hair extensions yesterday and I love them!! They were a little expensive but you get what you pay for!!! It is so nice to have long hair again! :) 

 Now my "hair' goes down to the middle of my back! For those of you who are unfamiliar with Japanese extensions, they are just braided in. No damage and the braids actually look cute!! I got my hair done at Arty in San Francisco. They have a sister salon in Tokyo! Next time I am out there, I will be stopping by!! 

Also, my pink circle lenses came today! I am in love!! The Geo Nudy pink lenses are totally comfy and the color is so cute!
These are my new fav!!! I ordered them off and I also received a free lense case and cute lashes with my order!!! I will be ordering from them again!!! If you want the info, let me know!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Covergirl Lip Perfection

So I noticed I have been getting a lot of traffic from people searching for Covergirl Lip Perfection swatches. Hopefully this can help you guys out! 

The day that I had my wisdom tooth removed, I went to Walgreens and bought 4 more! Big mistake. LOL. Out of the six that I have, I only like 2.5. :/ I prefer my lipstick to be satin or matte. I don't like frosty or shimmery lipsticks. Anyways, on to the swatches!

This is my "collection". Left to right- Sweetheart, Feline, Siren, Spellbound, Enchantress and Divine.
 Left to right- Siren, Spellbound, Sweetheart and Feline.

Ok. Now lip swatch time! First I will start with the only one I like. Spellbound. 
I like it! It is a nice bubble gum pink! Very smooth and creamy! It def stains your lips too but more like a reddish stain. 
This one is Siren. The color is similar to Spellbound but it is very frosty. I don't care for that at all. :( The color is nice though. 
Sweetheart! This is a frosty nude/pink. It's ok. I just don't like frosty lipsticks. The color is cute! Haha. Does anyone like frosty lipstick?
Last is Feline. I think I purchased this just because of the name. I am a total  cat person. Haha. I don't like this one at all. :( Just not my steeze. Haha. 

I hope this helped you guys!! The color on the lipstick tube looks NOTHING like what is inside. See my Divine swatch from a previous post. Overall the texture is really nice! Haven't had the chance yet to wear one all day. I did get a compliment when I rocked Enchantress. That one is my fav. :) 

Enchantress and Spellbound are both really cute! Purchase those two! They are a bit similar but the best out of the ones I have tried! Happy shopping!! 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Japanese 3D nails!

I just got my nails did and I am in love!! I couldn't believe my eyes! Nor can I stop staring at them. LOL! The place I found was only 25 minutes away but I would drive an hour! :)

 They are so cute!!! Only cost me 65 bucks too!!!! Not bad for all the detail she put into it! I couldn't sleep last night cuz I was so excited for these!
 So cool! Tomorrow is my consultation for my Japanese hair extensions! Woo!! I wanna dye my hair too.. Maybe like an ash brown. I am bored. 

I ordered two more pairs of contacts from! I can't wait until they arrive! I also ordered 20 NYX lippies of eBay. Go big or go home, right? Life is great! I am happy! :D

 My tadpole is turning into a frog. :( He is so cute!!! I want him to stay small forever!!
I have been buying so much crap lately. Someone needs to cut up my credit card! Haha! I will share my new goodies soon!