Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Hi everyone!!

Today was a fun day! I recorded Press Pause and brought my friend Amber with me. :P She was our audience member! So much fun! You can see the live stream HERE!

After the show, we had pizza with Carlos. Also talked about upcoming cool things!! This is Amber and me being cool. Our favorite song is G6. It sounds good with my system! Hahaha!
All we do is laugh. I hate her. Haha! It was such a beautiful day up in San Francisco today too! Perfect weather! Makes me excited for summer!! The pizza was pretty greasy though but still delicious! Mmmm! 
I know. I am such a hot mess... or a train wreck in slow motion. :( I think you can see the Giants stadium behind me! It really was a perfect day! I love SF!!! 
This is me being a pig as always and Carlos completely disappointed in me. We did a skit where I was drinking "vodka". It wasn't very funny. Haha! So much fun though! Always!! Haha! Ok and one last pic of my adorable niece and nephew!
Dunno why I didn't post it sooner. Horrible picture of me. My eleven year old niece hella jacked my Kitson sweater.. Time sure flies.. Soon my tadpole will be a frog. :( I want him to stay small forever!!! They don't look Japanese at all!!! Haha! I guess Filipino genes are a lot more dominant! :D


cryskay said...

that pizza looks delish! is it amicis? xo

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Squeeze the Pug said...

Hi there,

You look gorgeous. Your eyes and smile reminds me of the Korean star, Song Hye Kyo. =P

Squeeze The Pug

Linh said...

cute baby :D

Dinorah ♥ said...

Aww ya'll look like fun!
Your niece is soo adorable!!
& Yummo! GreasyPizza = <3