Tuesday, December 28, 2010

CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipstick!

Holy moly! I went to Walgreens just now to buy a log for the fire and stumbled upon the new CoverGirl lipsticks!! They were BOGO 1/2 off. Anyhoo, I grabbed two colors- Divine and Enchantress. Woah. I really like them!!

 Here is a pic of the packaging. Well, sorta. The lavender one is Divine and it looks nothing like the color on the tube. Nonetheless, I still like it!! Haha! I know my camera is horrible.. Ok, so I literally just bought them like 15 mins ago so I can't get too in depth with my review. I was just so damn excited!! 
This one is Enchantress. I really like the color but I would have liked it a lot more if it wasn't so frosty. The formula is nice and smooth and the scent is pretty minimal. 
Here is Divine. It doesn't look lavender at all to me. It is more of a plummy pink. I dunno. The finish on this one isn't frosty and I like that. 
I swatched them on my hand. Left is Divine and right is Enchantress. Overall, I really like them. I haven't ever bought CoverGirl lipstick before. The Lip Perfection line claims to soften your lips in 7 days or whatev. Sounds like a gimmick but we shall see. I will probably go buy more colors just cuz I am obsessed with makeup. I think you should def give them a try if you see them!!

Enjoy!! :D

Saturday, December 11, 2010

People in Japan!

Here are some pics of me and artists in Japan!! Woohoo!! 

 This was right after we wrapped shooting for the "Itsuka" PV. Left to right. Yours truly, Hotpa, Jin, Leo and Biss!
Me, Hibikilla and Hotpa! We were at Johnathon's and I ate mushroom spaghetti! Hibikilla is a J-Reggae artist! He told us about how he went to Jamaica with no wallet!
This is Jesse! He just finished performing with his band Rize. Great show!!! Really nice!! His dad is so funny!!!


This is Corn Head! He is holding a CD with me on it!! Haha! He is a super talented J-reggae artist!! 
 Hotpa and I went to Yokohama to meet with Big Ron! He is a great singer and sooo nice!! He is Hapa too!!!
I look like crap here. It was our last night in Tokyo! 3 AM in the studio with Zeebra!! We were lucky enough to hear some of his new music! He is so talented!!

I just wanted to post a few pics! I am still jet lagged but I will post about all the stuff I got soon!! Hope you are all doing well!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm back!

So obviously I didn't post when I was in Japan. :( The stupid wifi in our room didn't work and the internet connection SUCKED! I got back yesterday and I still feel like road kill! Hooray! Anyways, Japan was AMAZING! Just like every time! I spent all my money and I don't care. Haha!

Some things that I bought-
  • Hello Kitty heated eyelash curler
  • Hello Kitty Shiseido chapstick 
  • Hello Kitty iPhone case
  • Hello Kitty ear buds
  • Hello kitty eyelashes
  • Hello Kitty wallet
  • Hello Kitty coin purse
  • Hello Kitty Citizen watch
  • Sweater with ears on it
  • Fuzzy boots
I also went shopping at H & M and F21... I dunno why.... I effing love me some Hello Kitty! I will def post some pics of my items as soon as I don't feel like ass. Here are some pics of me! Haha!

The "fancy" pictures of me were from a video shoot! OMG. The last two days in Tokyo were craaaaazzyyyy busy!!! I can't wait to see the video though!! I am "starring" in the music video! LOL! It is for Hotpa and JiN. Woo Hoo!! 

I ate a lot of food... :) :) :) 

Friday, November 26, 2010


As promised... Fuchsia Fever on the lips! :D

 I guess you can't really tell. Haha. Anyways, I JUST finished packing. I am such s procrastinator!! My flight is at 10:30 AM tomorrow morning. So pretty much this time tomorrow, I will be in Tokyo! Hopefully North Korea won't bomb the ish out of us. Hella scary!! The U.S. and South Korea start war games this weekend... The weekend we arrive. UGH! 

Ok, so hopefully the next time I blog, I will be in the mother land!! I am bringing my computer and I will def have down time! Last time, I played WOW.. Don't judge me. The expansion comes out for that on Pearl Harbor day. Perhaps I will play again!! 

I bought all of these within 3 days.. Took me a long time to decide which ones to bring!! I was thinking about getting acrylics but I always hate them! And I am too lazy to go back for fills...

 Crab is ready to go! It will be his second time in Japan and he is very excited!! He gets a lot of R & R in the hotel room.. Ok, see you guys later!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I have Fuchsia Fever!!

Wow, so has anyone seen the new pink and red line from the Maybelline Color Sensational line? Holy crap! So a friend of mine told me about them and she thought she was all cool cuz she bought one.. Yeah yeah whatever.. Haha. So I have been running around EVERY WHERE looking for this idiot lipstick. I went to three different places and I couldn't find it! LOL. 

Anyways, tonight I ran off to Walgreens to pick up some nail polish and I was browsing around and VOILA! I found it!! It was a little set on the bottom shelf of a stand. WTF?? I have been searching for a fuchsia lipstick and wow... I found the perfect one!

As most of you know, I love the Color Sensational line! Now I love it even more!! I only bought one lipstick though cuz I need to save my monies for Japan!! And I need more lipstick like I need a hole in my head.. Haha! I got the color called Fuchsia Fever and I effing love it!!!! 

This is an awful swatch but oh well! I will post a better one when I can! I just wanted to try it on! Ok, so if you guys see these, pick them up!!! My friend has Pink Pop, I think that is the name.. It's really cute too!!! Also, from the original line, I really like Make Me Pink.. FYI. Haha.

Umm.. I think I should probably start packing now. I leave for Japan on Saturday morning. EEEEEK! So excited!!! Haha! Talk to you guys soon!!

P.S I love the Wet N Wild nail polish!!! Woo hoooo!!

Oh yeah, I hope you all had a great gobble gobble day! I totally over indulged just like every year! :D

Monday, November 22, 2010

My friends are assholes.

I just wanted to post some screen shots of my asshole friends and me interacting on facebook. ENJOY!

 She didn't thank me! I hella brought her tampons! That's not nice to be ungrateful! Haha! Umm.. I am too lazy to find more asshole wall fights so instead I am going to post up pics with my cat!

You are welcome. Yes, she hates me. That's ok cuz I hate her too! Haha! Here is a pic of my cat with money thrown on her.

 She is BALLIN! Haha! She also enjoys Netflix! 
 Here is a screen shot of how people find my blog! Oh, I totally stalk everyone that goes to my blog! Thank you, Feedjit! Hahahaha!
 This is my new best friend! My beautiful subwoofer! It was my bday present from the boo! The best is when I turn up the bass so loud that my mirrors vibrate! I probably shouldn't have anything else distracting me while I am on the road. Not the best driver.... HAHAHA

Ok, so I totally pulled a "MIND FREAK" on you guys! You all thought you were going to read about my asshole friends and instead read about NOTHING! Hahaha! I'm an idiot! This is what happens when I can't spend money!! NIGHT!

Friday, November 19, 2010


So in celebration and anticipation of Tokyo I decided to do my makeup "gyaru" style! :D Just wanted to post up some pics! 

 Woo hoo! Can't wait for my trip! I love the big lashes! I need to wear them more often cuz they make me feel purdyyy. Haha!
Winky! :P Haha! One more week and I am outta here!! Okay.. Time to eat!!! Talk to you guys soon!!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I hate not spending my money. All I want to do is go shopping! Ughh!! I know that I need to save though so I can go shopping in Japan... Blehhhh!!! 

Nothing new is going on right now. Just waiting to go to Japan... next week. I can't wait!!! Haha! Last time, all we ate was Subway and McDonalds. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN! First of all, I effing HATE sandwiches. I know.. that is a weird thing to say... yet it is true. I dunno. 

There is literally nothing else for me to talk about. :( My life is so boring right now. I can't buy anything and I just sit around. Thank goodness I am out next Saturday. There is no reason to live if I can't buy things. What a boring post. I'm bored. I posted an old pic of me. Why? No clue.

I like cats better than dogs. Just thought everyone should know. Unless the dog looks like a cat. Hahaha! OMG, I should go before everyone unfollows my blog. Give me something to blog about!! Someone! Help! :/

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Amazing Japan

When I first heard about this, I wasn't too surprised. LOL. It was only a matter of time until something like this happened. Haha! Now why should I go to Tokyo to do music if this is the new thing taking over?? Haha. So crazy. Her name is Hatsune Miku and she is a Vocaloid? Sold out show too. Haha. Daaaamn...

Friday, November 12, 2010


Last night my little nephew was born and I am officially in love. He is perfect!! 
 My little Myles! Welcome to the world, Love! What a great birthday too! 11-11-10. I am so glad he was birthed before I took off to Tokyo! I am also glad that they didn't name him Lazer Beam. 

It's days like this that make you appreciate life. Love each day. <3

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posts, I have def been MIA. Umm.. It is safe to say that everything is ok now! Haha! I am off to Japan at the end of this month! I can't friggin wait!!!! Last time we were in Tokyo was pretty much the best time of my life. It's good to be home. Haha! My family isn't even from Tokyo but that's ok. LOL.

Also, The Japas have a music video that is about to drop hopefully by the end of this week! I will def post it as soon as it is finished! 

Here is a pic of me from Japan last year!

 It was so cold! It didn't even snow though! I'm just spoiled with this California weather. Haha. Ok, here is one more!

The floating chopsticks in Asakusa! I was seriously freezing!! The one thing that I regret about my last trip was that I didn't take a lot of pictures. We documented a lot on video but I don't have any of them... So this time, I will take pictures of EVERYTHING! I guess on my iPhone. Ugh, I need a real camera!! Haha! 

LOL! Last one for reals this time! But that's how cold it was!!! I was FREEZING!! One day I hope to live there.  I would just have to get used to the weather. Haha! Talk soon!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pinky Paradise

I got my new circle lenses in the mail today! I ordered from pinkyparadise.com and I am VERY happy with my purchase!! My lenses are the G&G blue. The total came out to about 25 bucks and in my package was a little blue piggy lense case (SO CUTE!) and a velcro hair bow to keep your hair out yo face while doing makeup! So great!!!

The lenses are super comfy! I never had blue lenses before and these are pretty dang bright! They don't really make my eyes look much bigger but I don't mind. These are def my fav!! I wanna get green and violet! o_0

I love them! Haha! Anyhoo, my birthday is on Friday! Eek! 24 years old!! My sister turns 30 tomorrow!! Birthdays are always bittersweet. I don't have any idea what I will be doing. My grandma already gave me my present. LOL. Three Juicy Couture purses. Daaang. Hahaha. I love my grammy!! <3 Ok, byee!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Still alive

Hi hi!

I haven't posted in quite a bit! I was having some health issues! Anyways, I am back and almost better than ever! With a new look on life! If you live in the past, you will never have a future. I know that now!! Haha! 

Anyhoo, I still have a horrible shopping problem. Maybe I should start doing hauls cuz it seems I am always spending my scrilla! Haha! For instance, today I bought three dresses, a sweater and some Bare Minerals. Yesterday I purchased a dress, two tops and a skirt. The day before, I ordered a crap load of ish off the internet. That isn't here yet so it doesn't count. :D 

It is hot as hell today!! But guess where it isn't? The mall. Haha! The AC is on in that piece! OK, well I just wanted to let you know that I am still alive. 

I enjoyed a shrimp earlier as well. Haha. It was good to be out of the house! Every day that passes, the wound heals a little more. :D

Monday, September 13, 2010

Pink Lipstick Brigade.

Today I took my nieces to the mall. They are so funny!! I was wearing pink lipstick so they made me put some on them too!! Two little girls wearing MAC Viva Glam GAGA. LOL!

 I also bought a new lipgloss today! Urban Decay lip gloss.. My first!! I dunno what happened but the girl at the counter had a lot of charisma!! Haha! I got the Lip Junkie lip gloss in Peroxide. A super pale and glossy light pink. I love it!! I don't have any pics rockin it yet but as soon as I do, I will post. :D

Ok, this pic is of my little beezies in Sephora trying on lip gloss. LOL! They were so silly! I forget what brand this gloss is but it was pretty pigmented!! Might need to get me some next time! Haha!
These girls have the prettiest eyes. I'm so jealous! Ok, and now in this pic, we are in F21 and the little one looks pretty bored. She wanted to go to the Sanrio store and I was taking my time... Haha. 
Today was fun! I love my little girls! Ohhh!! Also, I found a super great product!! Everyone has already been talking about it but I just recently discovered them! The Wet N Wild eyeshadows!! OMG, I effing love them!! The pigment is AMAZING and it lasts all day!!! Here is a pic! 
They are the Color Icon palettes. I got all of them. LOL. For five dollars each, it is totally worth it!! Def check them out!! Ok, I need to get back into blogging. Haha! Talk to you guys soon!! 

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Make me over.

Wow, my skin is so bipolar. =/ Now it absolutely hates Revlon and even MAC!! WTF, face??? The only thing that I can put on my face without me looking like a total train wreck is mineral foundation. It's a lot more natural looking but I hate how it sits in my fine lines!! I am only 23 and by the end of the day, I look like my grandma. =(

I don't know why my face hates me so much. If I use any type of liquid foundation, you would think that I am some burn victim trying to cover my scars. Messed up but it's the truth!! Sunday was the last straw! I had a video shoot and like to have lots of coverage for anything that deals with the camera. This was my face...

Yeah. Usually I feel naked without makeup and since Sunday, I can't even think about putting that much crap on my face. Some days primer makes me look nice and others, it's awful... My face is a jerk... 

Ok, so on Monday, I did my makeup a little differently. Busted out my Bare Minerals and went as natural as I can bare going. Haha. This is what my face looked like...

I am wearing Viva Glam Gaga in this last pic. Subtle face with lips that pop! I wore Snob in the pancake face pic. So I basically have no idea what this post is about. It's been a few days so I had the itch to post. Yet my substance is lacking... Hmmm... 

Donna, I know you complain about your face too. What do you do to it?? LOL. I don't even really know if my skin is sensitive or anything. It's just an asshole. Bare Minerals itches my face. =(

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lip swatches

This is for you, Donna! Haha! I am horrible at doing lip swatches because my camera sucks! I hope this helps! =) My lips are pretty pigmented so this is just the lipgloss over my lippies. Haha!
 I wish my lips weren't so dark. LOL. I don't ever wear gloss alone so I always pair it with a matching lipstick. Seriously, they are the best glosses EVER! :D

My lipgloss is poppin!

Lol! For real though!! I wanna talk to you guys about my most favorite lipgloss in the whole world! Glazewear lipgloss from AVON! WTF, right? Haha. My friend gave them to me and I absolutely love them!! Now as you guys know, I am a MAC whore and I have like thirty of their lipglosses. I like the colors of them but they dry out my lips and when I am wearing them, they are hella sticky. =( Alas, I found Glazewear!!

 The two colors I have are Mirage and I think Darling Pink.. The sticker rubbed off. =( Mirage is a sparkle lipgloss and the pink one is shine. I seriously love both of these!! They are so moisturizing and not sticky at all! Perfect to put over your lipstick for that extra umph!! Haha! 
 They are pretty pigmented too! I wear them over any lipstick and when my lipstick is wearing off, I just put more glazewear on. The goldish one is perfect over any nude lip and pink is for pink! Haha! Also, AVON is having a sale for them right now! They are originally six bucks but are on sale for like two!! I am going to buy all of them! 

Here is a link to my rep's page. I hope you guys enjoy and I promise, you will love them!!! I hate when my hair gets stuck in my lipgloss and this doesn't happen when I rock these. Haha! Ok, click HERE!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Saturday, August 21, 2010

Back to MAC

I am such a lipstick whore and someone needs to take all my money away from me. I went to MAC two days in a row and bought four new lipsticks. Haha. OMG. What is wrong with me? I took some pics to show you guys what I got! 

The lighting makes them all look the same but they are not!! I will describe each one!

The first one is Viva Glam 2. It is a satin and when I purchased it, it was my least favorite of the four. Now it is my second fav! The color seemed a bit dark but I really like it. It is nude with a pinky tone to it. Perfect for when I can't decide if I wanna do nude or pink! Haha!

Second is Myth. I have been dying to get my hands on this and alas! Here it is! Satin as well and I love it! Very creamy and pigmented!! A definite must for that nude lip! My lips feel so moisturized!

Snob! I love the name for this one! Milky pink and oh so cute! Also, another must have! Satin too so I believe it will wear for a long time. :D

Last but not least, well sorta is least. Haha. My least favorite... =( This one is Gaga. It is a lot brighter in real life. The color is nice but I don't care for sheer lipsticks. I want them to POP. This one is a lustre lipstick and I got it because it is limited edition. It's not as creamy feeling and I don't think it will wear very long. =(

Well, I was really excited about my purchases and I hope you guys enjoy! Maybe I should take better pictures of the lipsticks beacuse the ones I posted don't do them justice. Let me know if I should. Haha!