Monday, November 22, 2010

My friends are assholes.

I just wanted to post some screen shots of my asshole friends and me interacting on facebook. ENJOY!

 She didn't thank me! I hella brought her tampons! That's not nice to be ungrateful! Haha! Umm.. I am too lazy to find more asshole wall fights so instead I am going to post up pics with my cat!

You are welcome. Yes, she hates me. That's ok cuz I hate her too! Haha! Here is a pic of my cat with money thrown on her.

 She is BALLIN! Haha! She also enjoys Netflix! 
 Here is a screen shot of how people find my blog! Oh, I totally stalk everyone that goes to my blog! Thank you, Feedjit! Hahahaha!
 This is my new best friend! My beautiful subwoofer! It was my bday present from the boo! The best is when I turn up the bass so loud that my mirrors vibrate! I probably shouldn't have anything else distracting me while I am on the road. Not the best driver.... HAHAHA

Ok, so I totally pulled a "MIND FREAK" on you guys! You all thought you were going to read about my asshole friends and instead read about NOTHING! Hahaha! I'm an idiot! This is what happens when I can't spend money!! NIGHT!


-mztoots- said...

lol on the "nude hapas" hahahaha omgg i love it! i wanna get that feedjit thing now! i can just imagine what kind of xxx rated things people search to get on my page haha freakin hilariouss!

siwing said...

lol.. your friends are funny..

and your kittie ! lol.. shes baller rich!

angela said...

i like the picture from you with your cat , its very cute.
i like your blog.

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