Friday, November 19, 2010


So in celebration and anticipation of Tokyo I decided to do my makeup "gyaru" style! :D Just wanted to post up some pics! 

 Woo hoo! Can't wait for my trip! I love the big lashes! I need to wear them more often cuz they make me feel purdyyy. Haha!
Winky! :P Haha! One more week and I am outta here!! Okay.. Time to eat!!! Talk to you guys soon!!!!


Donna ♥ Baby said...

aww i miss your pretty face :) you look so gorgeous :) and your skin is friken amazing!

-mztoots- said...

love itt baby ;) try some THICKER lashes! lol they'll make you feel 10 times prettier! lol actually sluttier is more accurate haha u look uber innocent in those pictures! jeaalous of you huge eyes!

audrey said...

you look very pretty :)
by the way i love the colour of your lipstick^^ what is the brand and colour?^^
have a nice day :)