Friday, November 26, 2010


As promised... Fuchsia Fever on the lips! :D

 I guess you can't really tell. Haha. Anyways, I JUST finished packing. I am such s procrastinator!! My flight is at 10:30 AM tomorrow morning. So pretty much this time tomorrow, I will be in Tokyo! Hopefully North Korea won't bomb the ish out of us. Hella scary!! The U.S. and South Korea start war games this weekend... The weekend we arrive. UGH! 

Ok, so hopefully the next time I blog, I will be in the mother land!! I am bringing my computer and I will def have down time! Last time, I played WOW.. Don't judge me. The expansion comes out for that on Pearl Harbor day. Perhaps I will play again!! 

I bought all of these within 3 days.. Took me a long time to decide which ones to bring!! I was thinking about getting acrylics but I always hate them! And I am too lazy to go back for fills...

 Crab is ready to go! It will be his second time in Japan and he is very excited!! He gets a lot of R & R in the hotel room.. Ok, see you guys later!!


-mztoots- said...

lol wow that game is my nemesis! good thing my bf stopped playing but for 2 years i hated that thing! but he might start agein when cataclysm comes out =( fml have fun in japan babe! have a safe trip =)

cuuks said...

hey ;**
i really like your blog and i hope you follow me back :)

Mara said...

Have a good time in Japan. I'm totally jealous and wish I could do alittle travel this year. That lipstick looks good on you, and your nail polish collection is quite mighty......