Saturday, August 21, 2010

Back to MAC

I am such a lipstick whore and someone needs to take all my money away from me. I went to MAC two days in a row and bought four new lipsticks. Haha. OMG. What is wrong with me? I took some pics to show you guys what I got! 

The lighting makes them all look the same but they are not!! I will describe each one!

The first one is Viva Glam 2. It is a satin and when I purchased it, it was my least favorite of the four. Now it is my second fav! The color seemed a bit dark but I really like it. It is nude with a pinky tone to it. Perfect for when I can't decide if I wanna do nude or pink! Haha!

Second is Myth. I have been dying to get my hands on this and alas! Here it is! Satin as well and I love it! Very creamy and pigmented!! A definite must for that nude lip! My lips feel so moisturized!

Snob! I love the name for this one! Milky pink and oh so cute! Also, another must have! Satin too so I believe it will wear for a long time. :D

Last but not least, well sorta is least. Haha. My least favorite... =( This one is Gaga. It is a lot brighter in real life. The color is nice but I don't care for sheer lipsticks. I want them to POP. This one is a lustre lipstick and I got it because it is limited edition. It's not as creamy feeling and I don't think it will wear very long. =(

Well, I was really excited about my purchases and I hope you guys enjoy! Maybe I should take better pictures of the lipsticks beacuse the ones I posted don't do them justice. Let me know if I should. Haha!


-mztoots- said...

wow you got really pretty colours! Perfect nudes and ive always wanted to get my hands on snob and the gaga lipstick. i didnt know it was a lustre finish tho...i HATE lustre finishes lol they just turn out metallic looking sometimes. Everyone raves about the cindy lipstick too! omg really good haul!

kristina said...

love the eye makeup. the nude lips looks good with the eyes. ill try this next time when i go out =]