Wednesday, August 4, 2010

We the Japas!

Just a quick pic from our shoot. We don't have any good pics together. LOL. This was at the Japanese gardens on Saturday. =) 

Hooray! I can't wait until the video is done. I probably look like a nerd but that's ok. Hmmm... Time to start playing WOW again. Random... Oh, I like to use ellipsis cuz they make everything more dramatic... See!! Haha!! Ok, don't know why but I am exhausted!!! Sorry I am not very entertaining tonight. 

Has anyone seen 500 Days of Summer?? Best movie ever! Awesome soundtrack too! JGL!! Hahaha!!

Chris, where is my banner??????????

A town


-mztoots- said...

hey babe! you play wow? man i hate that game lol! its the root of all me and my bf's fights for awhile! its such a time killer he forgot about me =( lol WOW breaks up relationships! haha

Anonymous said...

You sing and model? That's so cool. I want to see the video, too! You are really pretty and I love your hair! I want a fringe like yours haha :-) I'm following! yay! Hope you'll visit my blog!

Akrite_Productions said...

Banners being done now FOO!!