Monday, August 9, 2010

Ruined Picture Collective...

Ok, so I am a total camera whore. It's no secret. Unless my grandma wants to take a picture with me. Then it just turns into this - 
Another example is when I am with my sister. She just brings it out of me. 
I learned how to cross my eyes pretty recently and decided to take full advantage of my new talent. Hence my awful pictures.  My sister totally posted this as her default pic on her facebook page. It's a real good look. Thank you so much, Sissy! But why am I eating a banana anyways? Hahaha! I am pretty sure I was drunk here. 
 OK, I know I am going to hell. Yes, I was dressed like this in public. Haha. This was taken in Japan Town in San Francisco back in 08. What an idiot, right? That's ok. I saw this sign pointing to nothing so I decided, why not have it point at me? 

Enjoy!!! Hahahaha!


-mztoots- said...

lol you crazy girl! take a good pictures with your grandma! she deserves it! haha and nice to know thats how you see disabled people lolol

Yukie Hapa said...