Tuesday, December 28, 2010

CoverGirl Lip Perfection Lipstick!

Holy moly! I went to Walgreens just now to buy a log for the fire and stumbled upon the new CoverGirl lipsticks!! They were BOGO 1/2 off. Anyhoo, I grabbed two colors- Divine and Enchantress. Woah. I really like them!!

 Here is a pic of the packaging. Well, sorta. The lavender one is Divine and it looks nothing like the color on the tube. Nonetheless, I still like it!! Haha! I know my camera is horrible.. Ok, so I literally just bought them like 15 mins ago so I can't get too in depth with my review. I was just so damn excited!! 
This one is Enchantress. I really like the color but I would have liked it a lot more if it wasn't so frosty. The formula is nice and smooth and the scent is pretty minimal. 
Here is Divine. It doesn't look lavender at all to me. It is more of a plummy pink. I dunno. The finish on this one isn't frosty and I like that. 
I swatched them on my hand. Left is Divine and right is Enchantress. Overall, I really like them. I haven't ever bought CoverGirl lipstick before. The Lip Perfection line claims to soften your lips in 7 days or whatev. Sounds like a gimmick but we shall see. I will probably go buy more colors just cuz I am obsessed with makeup. I think you should def give them a try if you see them!!

Enjoy!! :D

Saturday, December 11, 2010

People in Japan!

Here are some pics of me and artists in Japan!! Woohoo!! 

 This was right after we wrapped shooting for the "Itsuka" PV. Left to right. Yours truly, Hotpa, Jin, Leo and Biss!
Me, Hibikilla and Hotpa! We were at Johnathon's and I ate mushroom spaghetti! Hibikilla is a J-Reggae artist! He told us about how he went to Jamaica with no wallet!
This is Jesse! He just finished performing with his band Rize. Great show!!! Really nice!! His dad is so funny!!!


This is Corn Head! He is holding a CD with me on it!! Haha! He is a super talented J-reggae artist!! 
 Hotpa and I went to Yokohama to meet with Big Ron! He is a great singer and sooo nice!! He is Hapa too!!!
I look like crap here. It was our last night in Tokyo! 3 AM in the studio with Zeebra!! We were lucky enough to hear some of his new music! He is so talented!!

I just wanted to post a few pics! I am still jet lagged but I will post about all the stuff I got soon!! Hope you are all doing well!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm back!

So obviously I didn't post when I was in Japan. :( The stupid wifi in our room didn't work and the internet connection SUCKED! I got back yesterday and I still feel like road kill! Hooray! Anyways, Japan was AMAZING! Just like every time! I spent all my money and I don't care. Haha!

Some things that I bought-
  • Hello Kitty heated eyelash curler
  • Hello Kitty Shiseido chapstick 
  • Hello Kitty iPhone case
  • Hello Kitty ear buds
  • Hello kitty eyelashes
  • Hello Kitty wallet
  • Hello Kitty coin purse
  • Hello Kitty Citizen watch
  • Sweater with ears on it
  • Fuzzy boots
I also went shopping at H & M and F21... I dunno why.... I effing love me some Hello Kitty! I will def post some pics of my items as soon as I don't feel like ass. Here are some pics of me! Haha!

The "fancy" pictures of me were from a video shoot! OMG. The last two days in Tokyo were craaaaazzyyyy busy!!! I can't wait to see the video though!! I am "starring" in the music video! LOL! It is for Hotpa and JiN. Woo Hoo!! 

I ate a lot of food... :) :) :)