Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My first tag! =)

Thank you again! Haha! -mztoots- 

My first tag ever and you bet that I will answer these questions!!! 

1. What do you wear to sleep? ;) I usually wear some type of ugly pink shorts ( I have so many! No clue why I invested in so many ugly pink shorts! =/) and a tank top! Boring! LOL!

2. Are you Naughty or Nice? Why? Both! Umm.. In what sense? Hahaha! In the bedroom?? Well... Ahem.. Hahaha! Yeah... :D

3. When you have kids will you hit them? Only on the bottom of their feet cuz they can't bruise. That's if I let them out of their cage! In all seriousness, children intimidate me. =/

4. What is your most FAVOURITE youtube video? Talking cats & dogs, for sure! I am a loser and I like to watch talking animals. Makes me warm & fuzzy inside!!

5. Do you have any pets? I have a little meow head named Andy and I love her!!! Haha! She is my baby princess!! Coolest cat ever!! She likes to go on car rides and eats melon. =)

6. Would you rather drink a WHOLE glass of pee or a shot of diarrhea? (lol) I would rather die.

7. If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow what destination would you choose? Probably Tahiti! My normal answer would be Japan but I am going there shortly! I love traveling!! =D

8. Could you risk your life for a stranger? I don't know. Maybe? Haha!

Wow, my answers are kinda boring. =( I'm sorry! LOL!

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-mztoots- said...

lol you forgot to make up your own questions and tag people love! LOL @ your cat that eats melon your answers arent boring! i had a laugh haha love you babe!!