Thursday, August 26, 2010

My lipgloss is poppin!

Lol! For real though!! I wanna talk to you guys about my most favorite lipgloss in the whole world! Glazewear lipgloss from AVON! WTF, right? Haha. My friend gave them to me and I absolutely love them!! Now as you guys know, I am a MAC whore and I have like thirty of their lipglosses. I like the colors of them but they dry out my lips and when I am wearing them, they are hella sticky. =( Alas, I found Glazewear!!

 The two colors I have are Mirage and I think Darling Pink.. The sticker rubbed off. =( Mirage is a sparkle lipgloss and the pink one is shine. I seriously love both of these!! They are so moisturizing and not sticky at all! Perfect to put over your lipstick for that extra umph!! Haha! 
 They are pretty pigmented too! I wear them over any lipstick and when my lipstick is wearing off, I just put more glazewear on. The goldish one is perfect over any nude lip and pink is for pink! Haha! Also, AVON is having a sale for them right now! They are originally six bucks but are on sale for like two!! I am going to buy all of them! 

Here is a link to my rep's page. I hope you guys enjoy and I promise, you will love them!!! I hate when my hair gets stuck in my lipgloss and this doesn't happen when I rock these. Haha! Ok, click HERE!!!!!!!!!!!! 



Donna ♥ Baby said...

ooo those colors are pretty! you should do lip swatches :)

-mztoots- said...

i have 5 of those glosses! my sister gave them to me cause she hated them! lol but i like to put them over lipsticks =) i wish i had the nude one though! looks really pretty! dont go too crazy with the avon haul girl! give your credit card a break! haha share the haul when you get it =))