Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I hate not spending my money. All I want to do is go shopping! Ughh!! I know that I need to save though so I can go shopping in Japan... Blehhhh!!! 

Nothing new is going on right now. Just waiting to go to Japan... next week. I can't wait!!! Haha! Last time, all we ate was Subway and McDonalds. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN! First of all, I effing HATE sandwiches. I know.. that is a weird thing to say... yet it is true. I dunno. 

There is literally nothing else for me to talk about. :( My life is so boring right now. I can't buy anything and I just sit around. Thank goodness I am out next Saturday. There is no reason to live if I can't buy things. What a boring post. I'm bored. I posted an old pic of me. Why? No clue.

I like cats better than dogs. Just thought everyone should know. Unless the dog looks like a cat. Hahaha! OMG, I should go before everyone unfollows my blog. Give me something to blog about!! Someone! Help! :/

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