Monday, September 13, 2010

Pink Lipstick Brigade.

Today I took my nieces to the mall. They are so funny!! I was wearing pink lipstick so they made me put some on them too!! Two little girls wearing MAC Viva Glam GAGA. LOL!

 I also bought a new lipgloss today! Urban Decay lip gloss.. My first!! I dunno what happened but the girl at the counter had a lot of charisma!! Haha! I got the Lip Junkie lip gloss in Peroxide. A super pale and glossy light pink. I love it!! I don't have any pics rockin it yet but as soon as I do, I will post. :D

Ok, this pic is of my little beezies in Sephora trying on lip gloss. LOL! They were so silly! I forget what brand this gloss is but it was pretty pigmented!! Might need to get me some next time! Haha!
These girls have the prettiest eyes. I'm so jealous! Ok, and now in this pic, we are in F21 and the little one looks pretty bored. She wanted to go to the Sanrio store and I was taking my time... Haha. 
Today was fun! I love my little girls! Ohhh!! Also, I found a super great product!! Everyone has already been talking about it but I just recently discovered them! The Wet N Wild eyeshadows!! OMG, I effing love them!! The pigment is AMAZING and it lasts all day!!! Here is a pic! 
They are the Color Icon palettes. I got all of them. LOL. For five dollars each, it is totally worth it!! Def check them out!! Ok, I need to get back into blogging. Haha! Talk to you guys soon!! 

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Mara said...

Funnie, I just did a quick little review on WnW's eyeshadow and now I want them all. The last picture of you....I pretty.