Monday, February 21, 2011

Throw Backs!

Nothing is better in life than finding old HS pics. Haha. I found these priceless pictures! So glad I did!! Sorry, I don't have a scanner at home. I also have no patience. I attempted to clean them up via photo shop so meh...

This one was at my mom's wedding. Stephanie calls it our waiting to exhale pic. Haha. We were all about 17 and completely wasted off champagne. Keeping it classy. Stephanie was one of my BFF and I miss her. :*( Megan on the far right is still a very good friend!! Haven't talked to the girl on the left in a long time. :(
This picture was in my old room! We were probably 17 here too. This time we were jacked up off of malt liquor... Even more classy. Awww, Stephanie!!! Seriously, two peas in a pod! Haha! Nicole to my left! Still good friends with her too!! Julia on the far right... Not so much....
This one is probably the money shot. We were being pulled over by Officer Friendly and I took it as a great photo opportunity. Glad I did! Steph couldn't stop laughing! We were probably drunk off of King Cobra.. Was our drink of choice! Jodi on the right. She is my plankton. Still great friends! Same age too. Haha.

I was such a bad kid. :( We all were. Haha. The moral of the story is I love my beezies! I hope you guys enjoy my hooligan pics! Hahaha!

<3 you Steph!!!!!

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