Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Is anyone else as obsessed with animal print as I am? Geeze, I love them. Pretty much everything I own is animal print. I have been on the market for a pink leopard print cardigan. Ugh, I neeeeed it!!!!

I received my G&G grey and violet contacts! I effing love them. The G&G brand is so comfy! I wore my blue ones in Tokyo to shoot a video and they didn't bug me at all! They were in my eyeballs for over 12 hours! The Geo Nudy collection is not bad too. Haven't worn them that long though. 

Meh, awful pics.. I will take better ones when my face isn't all shiny. My right eyelashes curl a lot better than my left eye and that makes me sad. :(

Ok I need to get some sleep now! If you guys aren't bust tomorrow at 12 PM PST, check out http://www.justin.tv/presspause

I am also completely obsessed with eBay now. How did this happen?

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cutielippi said...

yay for animal prints!
leopard prints especially ^__^