Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hella Oval!

Hi everyone!!! 

Just wanted to do a quick post! Been so busy lately!!! Our last live stream on, we had homepage! So that one episode alone had over 100,000 views! It was crazy! So many internet gangsters up in there! WTF! Haha!

I don't get it.. I know that internet + anonymity = asshole but come on, people. Grow the f up! Ugh, someone called me fat. Someone else called me a boy. Haha. Kinda threw me off. Was really my first time dealing with the internet thugs. But you know what! Haters are my motivators! That is why my fat ass has been in the gym the past four days! So thank you, you asshole. :) 

Anyways, you can watch the episode here at

I don't really think his hat is dumb.. He told me to pick on the lowest hanging fruit.. I dunno. Haha. Carlos and I have some great things coming up! I hope you guys stick with me! :) It is gonna be awesome!! 2011 is gonna be it! 

Just cuz a post is not the same without a pic... Here is one now. Haha. My violet G & G lenses are in my eyeballs. 
Representin with the water in the back.. Haha.. Yeah. Umm... I dunno. Well, I hope everyone has been well! Did you all have a sweet V- Day?? What did you ladies get???? 



Michelle Chic said...

u look stunning! i love ur makeup!

lisa said...

hi thanks for visiting and following me :) you're so super gorgeous!! and omg i saw a blog posting about you eating a shabuway.. is that the shabuway in san mateo.. because if so we live FREAKIN' close to each other.. hahaha. i'm following you now too!

-mztoots- said...

love the lenses! and don't let the haters get you down you're beautiful! =)

cryskay said...

ahh i love your hair! you are stunning! xo

Marcy said...

You look so beautiful!!


mas raden said...

your eyes is very nice . . i call it futuristic, . .
thanks for sharing