Monday, July 5, 2010

This Weekend!

Had a lot of fun this weekend! Performed at Barracuda and got to hang out with a lot of old friends! =) I was a bit hung over on Saturday but managed to survive. Yesterday was amazing. The weather was beautiful and I went out to Monterey with a special someone. Here is a picture of me eating an oyster.
 Well, I'm not really eating it. I inhaled it right after this picture was taken though. I slurped that ish down and it was delicious. If I could eat seafood every day, I would. Mercury poison or not. 
This picture was FINALLY uploaded by Bobbi after like ten years. We had a fun girls night out!! I just think it's a cute one. =) 
Last one. I just haven't blogged in a bit so I am just updating. LOL. I went to din din with my two really great friends! Lauren and Chris! We went to my FAVORITE restaurant! It is called En and they have the BEST Japanese food. The real ish. I get mentaiko and gindara kasuzuke every time!! Mmmm!! I think I may go tonight! =D

Well, I just wanted to do a little update and let everyone know that I am not dead. We have a show coming up on the 15th and then back to Tokyo on the 23rd. Woo hoo!! I will post details about the show later. Holla!

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