Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So I was thinking....

My blog is pretty effing boring. I'm not being the real me and it's just blah. I believe it is time to let the real me out. Here I go. Ready? Ready? AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!

That felt good.

My personality is not bland. I'm kind of a weirdo...

Things that scare me (in no particular order cuz I'm afraid of a lot of things)-
  • Under water creatures. I'm not too fond of anything with an exoskeleton or fish for that matter. Unless it is on my plate.
  • Ghosts. Ask me. I have had one too many encounters with these phantom nightmares. JUST GO AWAY!
  • Blood. My own makes me want to faint and die. FAST. I'm getting light headed just thinking about it.... UGHHHH.
  • Being suspended and flipped around. Wondering what the f I am talking about?? Oh, just the friendly ride we see at all fairs and carnivals. The name? *Pause* The.. The Zipper. Once I was taken for a ride against my will and gave all the little kids a nice laugh. "Look at that lady crying like a baby!" Oh, the embarrassment of my cute panic attacks.
  • Anything that is a creepy crawly hemiptera. For all you dummies, that's a bug. Well, a type of bug. Again, exoskeleton... No thank you.
Ok, now a list of things that make me happy! Hooray!!
  • Fuzzy wuzzies- I just love animals! Especially meow heads! >^..^<  Raccoons and red pandas are cute too.
  • Music- I only like to listen to music that depicts my mood at the time. Kill yourself by Deftones is on my top played list on iTunes. Only kidding! Remember, I am afraid of blood.
  • Eating pork- pretty self explanatory. Comment if you would like me to go into detail. Thanks.
  • Friends- Love you, guys! 
If you want me to keep posting about the things I love, you might need to cancel all your appointments for 39 hours. I'll keep you updated.

P.S. I own a snuggie. 

 This is a picture of my best friend's cat eating my hair. Good times.

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