Saturday, December 11, 2010

People in Japan!

Here are some pics of me and artists in Japan!! Woohoo!! 

 This was right after we wrapped shooting for the "Itsuka" PV. Left to right. Yours truly, Hotpa, Jin, Leo and Biss!
Me, Hibikilla and Hotpa! We were at Johnathon's and I ate mushroom spaghetti! Hibikilla is a J-Reggae artist! He told us about how he went to Jamaica with no wallet!
This is Jesse! He just finished performing with his band Rize. Great show!!! Really nice!! His dad is so funny!!!


This is Corn Head! He is holding a CD with me on it!! Haha! He is a super talented J-reggae artist!! 
 Hotpa and I went to Yokohama to meet with Big Ron! He is a great singer and sooo nice!! He is Hapa too!!!
I look like crap here. It was our last night in Tokyo! 3 AM in the studio with Zeebra!! We were lucky enough to hear some of his new music! He is so talented!!

I just wanted to post a few pics! I am still jet lagged but I will post about all the stuff I got soon!! Hope you are all doing well!!


Donna ♥ Baby said...

yukie yoru so pretty! <3 and you went to japan!?! thats awesome. show more pictures of your trip! :)

Yukie Hapa said...

Donna!!! Thank you, boo!! You are mighty gorgeous yourself, you know!!! :D I will post more pics soon!! I didn't take nearly as much as I should have! :(

52 Faces said...

What a frickin' INTERESTING crowd you got to hang with, how fun!

haha I hadn't conceived of the character as goofy, but now I'm going to add that dimension to her. Keep your fingers crossed that this book gets published in a year or so!