Thursday, July 8, 2010


So lately I have been obsessed with watching beauty bloggers on youtube! I love it!! Unfortunately, I have a new addiction!! These Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks! I went out and bought three of them... and then three more... Ugh. 

 I only have five pictured here due to my sister being a thief. LOL. So the colors that I bought are- 
  • Warm Me Up
  • Pink Please
  • Pink Peony
  • Peachy Scene
  • Born With It
  • Pink Sand
The one that was stolen was my only neutral color. =( It was nice but lately I have been into pink lipsticks. They are super pigmented and I actually LIKE the smell! If you do plan on buying them, do make sure that you smell them first because some smell like plastic!! All mine are the nice coconut smelly ones. Haha! Oh, they are also super moisturizing!! I give them a 9 out of 10! My only problem with them is that they need more colors!! Haha! 40 just isn't enough!! =D

Maybelline is doing big things! I have been a total makeup snob since forever and would ONLY buy MAC or the likes of it. Now I am won over by these fantastic lipsticks! Plus they are CHEAP!!!! I love them!

Ok, enough ranting about this. Just thought you guys should know. If you would like me to do some swatches or whatnot and get more into this review, let me know. =) 

I mixed a bunch of them together but this one is mostly the Peachy Scene one. Haha! Ok, I'm outta here! =)


libys11 said...

can you suggest a good nude lipstick? thanks! :D

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Mae Manahan said...

I'm into Maybelline lipstick too! the moisture rich one! I will blog about it soon! I followed you already, please follow me too. :) thanks!

Yukie Hapa said...

@Mae - I am following you! Yes, I am looking forward to your blog post!

@libys - The Warm Me Up Maybelline Color Sensational was nice! I like really pale nude lipsticks though so I stick to my MAC. I guess I am still looking for one too! Haha! But I do recommend Warm Me Up!