Saturday, January 15, 2011


We posted our video on Tuesday and already hit over 1,000 views! That is amazing!! I am the one moderating the comments on Youtube and am waiting for the internet haters. Haha. So far, no negative feedback. I'm sensitive so I am not looking forward to the inevitable. Not everyone will like us. :(

Also, TITS did a blog for us! I love their shirts. Haha. :) You can check that out HERE

Oh, so the stuff I got from Macy's! I haven't had the time to take pics or anything but the brand is called Kouture by Kimora. Kimora Lee's line. I was kinda wary to buy because Baby Phat is just not my steeze but I love the dresses I purchased! Fits me like a glove! I think they were made for us curvy girls! I will post some pics when I can.

I haven't taken a pic of myself in quite some time. Haha. Here I am!! Talk to you soon!!


Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Not here, not now, of course. But, yet, would you allow FIVE things in Heaven between just us? Feeding you delicious baklava? Giving you a looong backrub? Kissing your adorable feet which brot you to the Great Beyond? Holding your hands and being one with you? I’d love that and I think you would, too. Think about that. Get back to me Upstairs, girl. God bless.

Donna ♥ Baby said...

aww yukie your so gorgeous :) and where is this video!?! i'm goign to find it! haha