Monday, January 24, 2011

Covergirl Lip Perfection

So I noticed I have been getting a lot of traffic from people searching for Covergirl Lip Perfection swatches. Hopefully this can help you guys out! 

The day that I had my wisdom tooth removed, I went to Walgreens and bought 4 more! Big mistake. LOL. Out of the six that I have, I only like 2.5. :/ I prefer my lipstick to be satin or matte. I don't like frosty or shimmery lipsticks. Anyways, on to the swatches!

This is my "collection". Left to right- Sweetheart, Feline, Siren, Spellbound, Enchantress and Divine.
 Left to right- Siren, Spellbound, Sweetheart and Feline.

Ok. Now lip swatch time! First I will start with the only one I like. Spellbound. 
I like it! It is a nice bubble gum pink! Very smooth and creamy! It def stains your lips too but more like a reddish stain. 
This one is Siren. The color is similar to Spellbound but it is very frosty. I don't care for that at all. :( The color is nice though. 
Sweetheart! This is a frosty nude/pink. It's ok. I just don't like frosty lipsticks. The color is cute! Haha. Does anyone like frosty lipstick?
Last is Feline. I think I purchased this just because of the name. I am a total  cat person. Haha. I don't like this one at all. :( Just not my steeze. Haha. 

I hope this helped you guys!! The color on the lipstick tube looks NOTHING like what is inside. See my Divine swatch from a previous post. Overall the texture is really nice! Haven't had the chance yet to wear one all day. I did get a compliment when I rocked Enchantress. That one is my fav. :) 

Enchantress and Spellbound are both really cute! Purchase those two! They are a bit similar but the best out of the ones I have tried! Happy shopping!! 


Poison said...

hi :* I invite you to my new blog
kisses :*

-mztoots- said...

Hi yukie my love im back =)) i missed you soo much! I watched your video and congratulations! you have such a beautiful voice! you seemed a little shy in front of the camera though but you were still gorgeous <33 now onto your post! i think frosty lippies only look good on light skinned girls like you! lol too bad you dont like it =P I think it looks nice on your lips! stay pretty doll face <3

charlene-ann said...

love these colours =)