Sunday, August 1, 2010

Going dummy in my backpack

I know I haven't posted in a minute but hey... I got six followers.. LOL. Anyway, I had a photo shoot on Thursday and I got a couple pics from the set. All raw copies but I feel like I should share.

I have mad daikon calves. LOL. That's a Japa thing. Short ass legs. Speaking of Japas, we filmed our music video in the Japanese gardens today. It was kinda akward though cuz there were hella kids and I was shaking my ass. Oh well. =D

 It looks like my face itches. Maybe it did. Haha. Oh, I wore my circle lenses to the shoot and I thought I was gonna go blind. LOL. I guess my eyes are just naturally dry so when I wear contacts I get a friggen horrible headache. Weird. 

Last pic for now.
Aiite.. I am beat! We just performed in Oakland and I just stuffed my face with ribs, greens and cornbread. It was bomb as FORK but I should probably lay off the pork. I really can't go a day without it. I have no idea why. It's sick... =(


Donna Baby said...

woman you are gorgeous

-mztoots- said...

"there were hella kids and I was shaking my ass" lol this made me literally LOL you're hilarious! I love what you wrote in the "about me" you're so confident! share some over here! lol stay beautiful =)

Yukie Hapa said...

Thank you so much, girls!!! =D That means a lot coming from you guys. You both are gorgeous!!! =) Glad I could make you laugh! That makes me happy. =)